I help with de-clutter and home organization of any sort.

organization services:

Closet Organization

Wardrobe Consulting

Styling Services

Office Organization

Garage & Storage Organization

Kitchen Organization

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Join The FlyClub!

For those who want consistent care for a better price- get a membership!

The Fly-Roller

One big clean up, plus consistent monthly touch-ups.

$450 for "The Big Clean-up" with $60 for touch-ups.

The Frequent Flyer

One big clean up, plus touch-ups every other month. 

$500 for "The Big Clean-up" with $65 for every touch-up. 

The Four Seasons

One big clean up, plus touch-ups every season (winter, spring, summer, & fall).

$550 "The Big Clean-up" with $70 for every touch-up.